Sadia Jahan Prova Nude Viral mms Video


Sadia Jahan Prova Nude Viral mms Video revealed on Internet. In Her Statement She States that “Attention everyone…
Leaking any intimate things of ex gf/bf is a crime ,just like throwing acid is a crime but being intimate with your partner is not a crime .
If anyone disappoint you, you can’t be violent toward them..its also a crime.

That intimate video was 12 years ago , but it was not for public entertainment , I was stupid that I even gave permission to capture it (he convinced me though). But that doesn’t mean I’m a p…n star …..

I’m an actress and this is the only one profession of mine…… I have been through a lot for that “stupidity”. But thanks to some people who respect me for not giving up. They admire my straight. Most of the people like me commit suicide just to avoid this judgmental society.

This society is full of hypocrite. They do shits themselves and yet they judge other people.

But I’m a fighter , and I’m so proud of myself. This stupid judgmental, hypocrite and double standard society can’t stop me for being myself .
And guess what!!!! I’m actually lot of peoples inspiration, how to live the life fullest and never give up.
People who cyber bully are so cheap, uneducated (even though they’re educated). They have lots of shit on there own plates that they can’t handle, so they start bully other people.”

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